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Why would I consider sending my son/daughter to an international university?

Many options are open to students today, where they study, what subject they study, single subjects, joint subjects, short courses and so on.  Although there is a vast choice for your son/daughter to choose from, it can sometimes be more difficult to try and narrow down their choices.  As a parent this may be unknown territory, and we understand that parents too are seeking advice and support in helping their son/daughter make the right decision.

To consider studying at an international university, your son/daughter has already made the first important decision, which will shape their future career.  International employers are seeking graduates who have ‘stepped out of the norm’, and who have studied internationally, exposing themselves to a multi-cultural experience, which in turn enables students to share their learning amongst various cultures and interesting ideas this can bring to the table.

Internationally taught university students ‘embrace’ their studies, fellow students, lecturers and the passion for their chosen subject, together with some university programs enabling students to learn an additional language; which is also favoured by international employers.

It is important to know that all of the programs Burnett Global Education Ltd represent internationally, are taught in English, so students do not need to know a second language, or having studied a language in 6th form.

What are the employment opportunities at the end of the program?

At many international universities, your son/daughter will have the opportunity to take up an internship placement as part of their studies; this is particularly advantageous when seeking employment as many organisations look for ‘work ready’ students.

What about Visas and Medical cover?

Your son/daughter will need to meet certain criteria before beginning their program.  A student with an EU/EEA passport will not need to apply for a Visa; however, international students will need to apply for a Visa if their passport is from any other country outside of the EU/EEA.

We help your son/daughter with all the ‘red tape’, ensuring they have the appropriate ‘cover’ during their studies.  The individual universities will help students to arrange their individual and relevant medical/travel cover when they go out on internship. 

What support networks are there in place at the universities?

Each university has an excellent team with the student support services.  This ranges from counselling, orienteering (helping new students discover locations/services in their area), learning support, a ‘meet and greet’ service for new students arriving in the country, tutor support, and so on… There is so much support for students in so many ways, perhaps too many to list, but if you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

How does the application process work?

All universities Burnett Global Education Ltd represent are international, therefore none of the universities are in the UCAS system.  So when your son/daughter are guided through the UCAS application process in school, they will only find UK universities within UCAS.

To apply to international universities, applications are made direct through Burnett Global Education Ltd.  Each university has a slightly different application format, but we take all the worry out of this, and with our expertise, we ensure the application process is a smooth transition for all.  For initial application advice, please contact us at

We support your son/daughter, and you, step by step through the application process and beyond, ensuring your son/daughter have arrived safely on intake day.  Burnett Global Education Ltd also pride themselves on remaining in contact with students throughout their studies; as we visit the universities we represent on a number of occasions throughout the academic year.

Social media is a fantastic aspect of remaining in contact in today’s modern world; we are always available to prospective and current students, whether this is through Facebook, Instagram, Whats App, Linkedin, Skype etc.

Is there a charge to me for the services of Burnett Global Education Ltd?

No.  We are here to advise, support and guide your son/daughter and you through the international university application process.  Burnett Global Education Ltd prides itself on offering an excellent ‘impartial’ service to students and parents.

For us, it is extremely important to ensure your son/daughter is placed at a university which suits them; after all, they may be studying a program for up to 3.5 years, so it is important all aspects of their choice meets their requirements.

Burnett Global Education Ltd feel it is important to ‘nurture’ a student, and in turn grow their confidence, resulting in an outstanding and well balanced young adult when they leave their university program, and ready to enter their future chosen career path.

Is there a cost to study internationally?

Yes.  Currently students who wish to study outside of the UK are not able to access the UK Student Loan System.  At present this is only available to students who are planning to attend a UK university (through UCAS).  This may change in the future, and we are currently working on this.

Many of the international universities Burnett Global Education present are private, and fees for each university do differ. However, please contact us at so we can discuss funding options with you further.  Either Marcus or Rebecca, who are Directors of Burnett Global Education Ltd will be in contact with you.