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What can Burnett Global Education Limited do for me, my students and my school?

We have over 34 years of career advice and guidance behind us at Burnett Global Education Limited, and with Rebecca and Marcus having experience of being Heads of Careers and Assistant Heads of 6th Form with independent schools, they understand the importance of good quality advice and guidance, as well as the limitations upon Heads of Careers, schools and indeed students throughout the academic year. 

We believe it is important for students to be aware of all choices open to them, and having experience within the international university sector for over 8 years, our expertise and guidance is readily available to Heads of Careers/Heads of 6th Form, students and schools in general.  We are here to support you as much being a wealth of knowledge for students and parents.

We work closely with you, your school, the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) in respect of applications to the international universities we represent.  The process is kept tight and uncomplicated, which ensures a smooth transition for all concerned.

Marcus, Rebecca and Cathy spend much of their time visiting schools, delivering presentations to students and attending school careers/HE fairs.  Bringing a choice of 15 international universities in one visit is a vast amount of information students and schools can take away with them.

We are also more than happy to discuss any ideas you may have, where you believe the services of Burnett Global Education Limited would be an advantage.

Is there a cost to my school for your services?


Is there an opportunity for me to visit some of the universities Burnett Global Education Limited represent?

Yes.  We encourage Heads of Careers/Heads of 6th Form to come out to visit some of the universities we represent.  Although there are campuses worldwide, in respect of time constraints, we will take you to visit campuses within Europe/EEA.

We feel it is important you take up the opportunity to visit some of our universities, as these visits are not only a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the excellent opportunities for your students; but it is also a great networking tool for Heads of Careers / Heads of 6th Form from independent schools.